Dogs Are At The Heart Of Everything We Do!

Pawsome Paddock is the perfect place for your dog to run, walk, sniff and play in three beautiful acres of green field with not a lead in sight! Fully fenced in, you won’t have to worry about them running off or getting into trouble, and because we offer complete private hire, it’s yours for the duration of your visit...unless you invite a friend for a doggy play date.

The safety of our visitors is so important to us, that's why we have fence inverts for those pooches with a spring in their step, a coded locking system not only at the main entrance but also at the gate into the field, onsite CCTV and special screening to avoid even the slightest nose-to-nose contact or nip through the fence. There is also a doggy first aid kit situated in the secure bay should it ever be needed.

Avoid Contact With Other Dogs

At Pawsome Paddock, we’ve drawn on our own personal experience as owners of reactive dogs to create a super-secure environment where you can enjoy top-quality playtime with your pooch. The entrance to the park has been designed to ensure you’ll never have unwanted contact with another dog or its owner during your time with us, thanks to our secure holding bay. This can easily fit in two large vehicles and we advise all visitors to park in here, not only does this add an extra level of security, you can also let your pooches straight out of the car with no need for a lead!

Just For Fun Agility Equipment Included

While offering you a safe place to enjoy time with your four-legged friend is of the utmost importance to us, we want you to have the maximum amount of fun possible. Included in your booking fee, you’ll find a host of agility equipment for your dog to try out and tons of toys to play with. When you arrive, you’ll find everything you need from fresh water to free poop bags and bins for your convenience. We also provide secure parking for your car, taking your mind off everything except fun with your canine companion.

FAQ's - What you need to know

If you’re visiting Pawsome Paddock for the first time, there’s a good chance you have plenty of questions you’d like to ask before you arrive. To keep things easy, we’ve compiled a list of some of the more commonly asked questions from dog owners making use of our private park.
How safe is Pawsome Paddock?
The Paddock is fully enclosed with 5.5-6ft fencing that includes overhangs. The perimeter is lined with privacy screening and there is a 3 gated system that is only accessible with a code that you will receive with your booking confirmation. Lastly, each end of the Paddock is double fenced with 6-7ft wooden panelling.
Is there parking available at Pawsome Paddock?
Yes, we’re well prepared with a dedicated secure holding bay you should park in for the duration of your session. This holds two vehicles, We also have a car park where you can wait for the previous customer to leave or if there are more than 2 vehicles
Will there be any other dogs there on the day?
Unless you have planned a doggy play date, you will have sole use of the Paddock for the duration of your session as we offer complete private hire.
My dog is reactive. Will I come in contact with other dogs when entering and leaving the Paddock?
The Paddock is designed to offer total privacy, so as long as you and your dog stay inside your car until the user before you exits the dedicated secure holding bay, you’ll never come face to face with another dog or its owner during your visit.
Do I need to bring poop bags on the day?
While you can if you wish, both poop bags and bins for safe disposal will be provided free of charge for your visit..
What should I bring with me on the day?
You’re welcome to bring favourite toys with you, but we also have a wide selection for your dog to try out as well. We also provide fresh water at the paddock. While the Paddock is perfect for off the leash fun, you might find it easier to get your four-legged friend back in your car afterwards if you bring a leash along!
We hope these answers have been helpful, but if you can’t find the one you seek, simply get in touch today and we’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can.

About Us - Katie & Ashley

So where did it all start I hear you ask. Well, we have been together for 10 years and married for 7 of those! Apart from our love for one another and our 2 children we have also shared this love with many dogs along the way. 
When I met Ashley, his heart firmly belonged to another female, the beautiful Molly who was a pure white husky. Molly was beautiful and had the most unique eyes; one piercing blue and the other dark brown. I was honestly amazed at how striking she was and we hit it off straight away. I definitely sensed she wanted more female company and that is where our love story began. 
Since then our pack has grown to six! Our family consists of two children, four huskies and two North American Indian Dogs (Northaids for short). Crazy right!
We would be lying if we said it was easy, it's far from it and at times we both question our sanity BUT one thing is for sure, we love each and everyone of them. We have adapted every aspect of our lives and made changes we didn't think were possible to ensure each dogs needs are met.  This has also provided us with the opportunity to learn so much and apply this to our business.
Having one reactive dog and two dogs that given half the chance can escape from nearly anywhere has really helped with creating a safe environment. We have plans to add more facilities, to really make it the best place for everyones dogs to visit.  
So to sum up the above, we are crazy dog people, with a deep running passion and love for these animals. They deserve everything and more! 
If you have got to the end of this then well done and thank you for taking the time to read this. We just wanted to share a snippet of our story with you. It's why we do what we do, why we not only care about our dogs but yours too and why we will always do our best, to be the best for each and everyone of you.
Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little more and as always, for your continued support.
Katie & Ashley x 

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